Below are the services I am able to offer you.  Please let me know if you have questions or want to discuss services you don’t see listed.

Tax Preparation & Planning

In this climate of ever changing tax laws, it is easy to become overwhelmed or confused.  I am a member of several different organizations which constantly update me on changing tax laws and new court rulings on implemtation of current laws.

Tax planning is an important service provided for individuals, business, estates and trusts. It is important to do this in advance, not at the end of the year of as your return is prepared.    Contact me today for help in this area.

Types of Tax Return Series I prepare

1040              U S Individual Income Tax Return
1041              U S Income Tax Return for Estates and Trusts
1065              U S Return of Partnership Income
1120              U S Corporation Income Tax Return
1120-S           U S Income Tax Return for an S Corporation
706                U S Estate and Generation Skipping Transfer Tax Return
709                U S Gift and Generation Skipping Transfer Tax Return
990                Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax
1023              Application for Exempt Status Under Section 501(c)(3)
1099              U S Information Returns
Payroll           Payroll forms as needed
Sales Tax      Texas Sales Tax Forms
Franchise      Texas Franchise Tax Return

Most state returns are also supported

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Consulting and Trouble Shooting

The area of practice I enjoy the most is helping my clients solve problems and installation of procedures for everyday tasks. I will come to your place of business, interact and observe your business flow, then develop a plan to help you. This service is for those just needing a quick tune-up all the way to those trying to keep their doors open or the tax man at bay.

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Business Entity Set-up and Selection

Business entity setup and selection is often key to the success of your venture. With all of the options for types of business it is hard to know which one will fit your situation. I can help you understand the tax consequences of your choices, then guide you in the setup process. When it is time, I will obtain the various tax ID numbers and tax accounts you need to get your business off to the right start.

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Financial Statement and Information Services

Financial statements are the key to knowing where you are, where you have been and how you got there. Good management of your business requires up to date information and statements designed to aid you when making decisions. I can provide the statements you need or design formats and train your employees to prepare the information for you.

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Representation before IRS and State

Undergoing an IRS or State audit can be very stressful. I have been representing clients before IRS and other taxing authorities since 1986. I can’t promise you’ll owe no money, but I can promise I’ll apply all my expertise to the situation and my handling of your case will be a huge relief to you. I can take care of all correspondence, meet with the auditors, and advocate in your case. I will not back down from an area where the law is on your side and will stay in constant contact with you regarding your options.

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Payroll, Bill Pay Service, Client Billing Service, Bookkeeping

Why should you add a payroll or bookkeeping department when you can let me handle this for you?

I offer payroll services with direct deposit and online viewing of paystubs and forms.  You will not have to worry about paying the payroll taxes, filing the payroll forms, or missing deadlines.  I offer this service with varying fees depending on number of employees and number of pay periods per month.

Bill Pay Service is a service that allows you to approve your bills for payment and let me take it from there.  I will use an online service and pay your bills on a regular basis each month.  You can take comfort in knowing the bills are being paid and discounts are not missed.

Client Billing Service means I bill your clients for you and I keep up with who has paid you and who has not.  The service allows your clients to pay online, pay by card or send checks.  I will also send out late notices for those who are slow to pay.  Remember cash flow is the key to success.

Let me handle your everyday bookkeeping tasks so you can focus on making money.

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Accounting Software and Installation

There are a lot of options for accounting software today. Do you want online – cloud based accounting or something else? Do you need point of sale software? Do you need inventory maintenance? What about billing and collections? Let me work with you in choosing the software you need, help with the installation, and train your office personnel to use it.

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Retirement Planning

Retirement planning is critical in these uncertain times. Whether you are developing a retirement plan for yourself or choosing a retirement plan to offer to your employees, I can help you evaluate the available options and select the plan that is best for you.

Retirement planning is also a big part of tax planning. There are many deadlines involved, so waiting until the end of the year usually won’t work. Call today so we can get started on your future.

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