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Welcome to the home of the CPA practice where we strive to bring you confidence and peace while dealing with the everyday stress IRS, state taxing authorities, and other financial entities hit you with. Caryn has been a CPA since 1985 and her mantra is to be your trusted friend and advisor while bringing you a sense of calm. We are here to take the uncertainty and worry out of your accounting and tax needs.

We have updated this site to include items that can help you in everyday life. Please check out the Resources Tab for general items and the Tax Resources Tab for brochures that can help you with everything from Smartphone apps for tax records, to college savings for your kids, to a New LLC guide. This tab is a wealth of information for both individuals and businesses. You can even find a guide on gambling and taxes!

We also offer help in resolving IRS tax problems. We have an entire web page dedicated to this. The tab for Tax Problem Resolution will take you there.